A Spectacular Inauguration Gala

In a jubilant spectacle witnessed by thousands of fervent fans, Apex FM’s CEO, Counsel Bwire Frank, led the swearing-in ceremony for the newly elected members of the 103.5 Apex FM Fans’ Club.

Elected Leaders and Celebration

Among the elected leaders were Mr. Kalulu Muyangu Godfrey, the President-elect, Mr. Ssempijja Sseeka Musa, Vice President-elect, and Ikesa Calorine, the Secretary-elect. The atmosphere was electric with excitement and anticipation.

A Promise of Inclusion and Growth

CEO Bwire congratulated the winners and assured the candidates who didn’t succeed that their wisdom would be valued for the station’s growth and development. He highlighted Apex FM’s plans for extensive outreach across different districts to understand listeners’ issues and mobilize them for personal development.

Fans’ Party: Unity in Diversity

The launch of the fans’ party earlier in the year ignited enthusiasm among Apex FM’s supporters, leading to a spirited campaign for various positions. With the theme of “empowering each other for growth and development,” the event was a fusion of entertainment, speeches, and camaraderie.

Dazzling Performances and Grateful Sponsors

Renowned artists such as Landsojja, Racheal Monique, and Cool Demus graced the stage, captivating the audience with their talents. Meanwhile, sponsors hailed the event’s organization and pledged continued support, underscoring the community’s strong backing for Apex FM.

A Testament to Fairness and Efficiency

Fans lauded the voting process, emphasizing its efficiency and fairness. The method of lining up streamlined proceedings, ensuring a smooth and inclusive election experience for all attendees.

Looking Towards the Future

CEO Bwire announced the two-year term of office for the newly elected leaders, setting the stage for the next fan election in January 2026. With this, the inaugural celebration concluded, leaving behind a sense of unity, empowerment, and excitement for what lies ahead.

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