HRH Jovia Mutesi Gabula, the new Queen of Busoga, outlined her priorities in her first public address post-royal wedding, emphasizing food security, education, and tradition. Her initiatives aim to address key challenges faced by the region, offering hope for a brighter future. The address was attended by dignitaries, reflecting a collective commitment to Busoga’s development under her leadership

In a landmark address following her royal wedding, HRH Jovia Mutesi Gabula, the newly appointed Inhebantu (Queen) of Busoga, unveiled her eight-point agenda, underscoring pivotal areas for the region’s development. Championing food security, proper child-rearing, and cultural preservation, Queen Mutesi Gabula showcased her commitment to the welfare of Busoga’s populace.

The Inhebantu’s proactive approach to addressing food security was evident as she personally demonstrated planting and harvesting techniques at the “Inhebantu plantation.” By emphasizing agricultural practices, she aims to bolster resilience against hunger and ensure sustenance for all Busogans. Furthermore, her promotion of traditional food preparation techniques underscores the importance of preserving cultural heritage amidst modernization.

Notably, Queen Mutesi Gabula’s priorities extend beyond immediate concerns to encompass proper child-rearing and education. By advocating for a robust upbringing, she envisions a future where Busoga’s youth are empowered to thrive and contribute meaningfully to society. Encouraging youths to engage in skill development initiatives reflects her commitment to fostering economic independence and combating poverty.

The Inhebantu’s inaugural address comes at a critical juncture for Busoga, grappling with issues ranging from poverty to teenage parenting and discord among leaders. However, her message of hope resonates deeply, offering a roadmap for progress if these challenges are addressed collectively.

The significance of Queen Mutesi Gabula’s address was underscored by the attendance of dignitaries from across Busoga, including political figures, journalists, and renowned Basoga artists. Their presence symbolizes a unified commitment to the kingdom’s prosperity under her reign.

Expressing gratitude for the community’s support during her royal wedding, the Kyabazinga emphasized a sense of unity and collective responsibility. Through collaborative efforts, Busoga stands poised to overcome its challenges and embrace a brighter future under the visionary leadership of Queen Jovia Mutesi Gabula.

Additionally, initiatives such as youth sensitization programs on skill development, spearheaded by the Office of Inhebantu and partnering NGOs, reflect a proactive stance towards empowering the younger generation.

In conclusion, Queen Mutesi Gabula’s agenda for Busoga encapsulates a multifaceted approach encompassing food security, education, tradition, and economic empowerment. With her leadership, the kingdom embarks on a transformative journey towards prosperity and inclusivity, guided by the principles of unity and progress.

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