Oporya Marthia is a talented and dedicated team member at 103.5 Apex FM. She hosts a popular show called "Ekisaawe, Feffetta, Ennyanda and Sengedha" that brings excitement and energy to the airwaves. With her engaging personality and extensive knowledge of music, Oporya Marthia captivates her listeners and keeps the show running smoothly. Tune in to 103.5 Apex FM to hear Oporya Marthia's captivating show!

Oporya Marthia is a talented radio host at 103.5 Apex FM, where he hosts his own show called Ekisaawe. With a charismatic personality and a knack for engaging his audience, Oporya Marthia’s show has become a favorite among listeners. He effortlessly blends humor, insightful discussions, and great music to create a dynamic and captivating listening experience.

In addition to his main show, Oporya Marthia also occasionally collaborates with fellow radio hosts Feffetta and Ennyanda. These collaborations result in exciting and unique shows that offer a different flavor to his regular programming. Whether it’s discussing trending topics, interviewing notable guests, or sharing personal stories, Oporya Marthia brings a fresh and innovative approach to radio.

One of the highlights of his show is Sengedha, a weekly segment dedicated to showcasing the best in African music. From the latest hits to timeless classics, Oporya Marthia ensures that his listeners are exposed to a diverse mix of genres and artists. He understands the power music has to evoke emotions and connect people, and he uses his platform to bring joy and excitement to his listeners.

Oporya Marthia’s infectious energy, engaging personality, and passion for radio make him an invaluable asset to 103.5 Apex FM. His commitment to delivering quality content and entertaining his audience is evident in every episode of his show. Listeners can always count on Oporya Marthia to provide an entertaining and informative listening experience.

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