Walvex Babalao

Walvex Babalao is a dynamic and charismatic radio host at 103.5 Apex FM. He is known for his unique hosting style and engaging personality. Walvex hosts two popular shows on the station: "Pereketya with Lorenzo d' Excess" and "Segendha with Mc Bracket".

Show Descriptions

Pereketya with Lorenzo d' Excess

Walvex Babalao takes listeners on an entertaining journey alongside Lorenzo d' Excess. This dynamic duo engages in lively conversations about music, entertainment, and current events. They bring a mix of humor, knowledge, and infectious energy to the airwaves, making "Pereketya with Lorenzo d' Excess" a can't-miss show.

Sengendha with Mc Bracket

In the popular show "Segendha with Mc Bracket", Walvex Babalao teams up with Mc Bracket to deliver a vibrant and engaging radio program. They discuss a wide range of topics, including sports, entertainment, and social issues. With their unique perspectives and infectious energy, "Segendha with Mc Bracket" keeps listeners entertained and informed.

Walvex Babalao is an integral part of 103.5 Apex FM, hosting two popular shows. His charismatic hosting style and engaging personality make him a hit with listeners. Whether you’re a fan of “Pereketya with Lorenzo d’ Excess” or “Segendha with Mc Bracket”, Walvex’s vibrant and engaging radio shows offer something for everyone. Tune in to 103.5 Apex FM to experience the Walvex Babalao magic!

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